Work-Work Balance.

The simple secret to working smarter.

Mr. Levy's Latest Book

The groundbreaking book that shows you how to fix your slides fast! Help your audience support you.

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What Is Work-Work Balance?

Work-work balance is the hidden secret to great results at work... and to true job satisfaction.

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Leadership "Hacks"

The core of leadership - not management, but true leadership - is simpler than you may think. Learn how.

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How do you spotĀ great leaders?

They get the big stuff done. They hire and mentor great people. They make the office a place to be rather than avoid.

How do you become a great leader?

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.

ButĀ it’s a lot harder if you don’t know the hidden secrets, from getting stuff done to the Three Laws of Leadership.

Steven B. Levy’s books, speaking, and consulting are dedicated to creating leaders helping leaders create themselves.