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Articles and Books

By Steven B. Levy:



A “hack” is a simple solution to a complex problem. Of course, H.L. Mencken said, quite correctly, that “there is always a well-known solution to every human problem — neat, plausible, and wrong.” But… sometimes the 80/20 solution is good enough.

The 80/20 rule (technically, the Pareto principle): The first 20% of the work gets you 80% of the results. This section will point to some Pareto solutions for effective leadership. Remember, the perfect is the enemy of the good.

Mr. Levy will expand these ideas into articles as time allows. They form the basis of The Three Laws of Leadership, a book he’s working on for 2017 release.

  • Delegate fearlessly.
  • Lead professionals and knowledge workers. Manage only when you have to. Never supervise. (You supervise making French fries at a burger joint – not independent thinkers.)
  • The top two ways to become a better leader/manager:
    • Look at the bad bosses you’ve worked for. Make a list of the stuff they did that drove you crazy. Memorize the list, and vow never to do anything on it yourself.
    • Ask your team for help. (And show them the list, above.) Tell them they can and should tell you anytime you’re falling short of your own expectations, and then praise them for doing so.
  • Praise in public, correct in private.
  • Give regular, brief feedback – at least once a week. (Feedback isn’t a review. Forty-five seconds or less, and be specific.) Have three positive feedback interactions for every corrective one.
  • Practice Visionary leadership. (See Goleman, above.) Work to get away from Pacesetting (do-as-I-do) modes outside of training opportunities.