Work-Work Balance

What is work-work balance?

Work-work balance is critical to getting your real work done on the job.

Each day, you try to make progress on the tasks in your job description, in your objectives. Move the business forward. Hire and mentor great employees. Connect with partners, peers, and customers in ways that benefit everyone involved.

And each day, you have other tasks that eat away not just at your time but your energy and focus. Tasks so insidious you don’t necessarily classify them as such – but at the end of the day, you’ve poured a significant amount of your most precious resource – your time – into dealing with them.

Tasks such as email. Interruptions. Meetings. Preparing presentations.

On one side of the scale, your objectives, your “real” job. On the other, the stuff you have to get through in order to do that job.

The balance between them is your work-work balance.

Which is way out of balance for most of us.

You cannot achieve work-life balance – and deep job satisfaction and rich feelings of accomplishment – until you achieve work-work balance.

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